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Appointment with the Dentist.

 The dentist examine  all of your  teeth and checkout your gums to make sure they\'re strong  and healthy. The dentist will also check the way your top and bottom teeth work together. This is titled your bite.

If there might be a difficulty with your bite, you may be referred to an orthodontist. This is a doctor who is specializes in correcting the configuration or positions of all your teeth through dentistry, or braces.

The dentist will study your X-rays (looking for cavities or other problems) and ask if you have any questions regarding your teeth. Your dentist may also prescribe fluoride drops or tablets for you to take every day at home.

Presents from the Dentist!

When your checkup is over, the dentist commonl   will have a gift for you! The present is usually a free toothbrush or dental floss to use at your place or several sugar-free gum.

What Happens If I have a cavity?

If you have a cavity, you\'ll likely have to move back to the dentist\'s place for other visit. At that moment, the dentist will withdraw the decayed part from your tooth with special dental tools. Then the rotted area will be filled with materials that will sustain your tooth strong and healthy, similar tooth-colored or silver fillings.

As soon as you sit down in the dental chair, the dentist will administer you a tiny shot of an anesthetic, a medicament around the tooth.

Your mouth may be numb for a little while after you leave the dentist\'s office, but the anesthetic will shortly wear off and you\'ll be remaining with a attractive smile!

Dental Words:

Some words  used  at the dentist\'s office might be new to you. Here are a few and what they mean:

\"              bacteria - tiny organisms that are present on your teeth and are found in plaque

\"              cavity - the decayed, or rotten, part of a tooth

\"              dental hygienist - a person with specific training about the appropriate way to prereserve  teeth and gums clean  and healthy

\"              dental X-rays - pictures of your teeth and gums that will convey a dentist whether there are any cavities

\"              flossing - involves using a piece  of waxy string dental floss to get in between your teeth and take  food particles that your brush can\'t accomplish

\"              fluoride treatment -a gel or foam applied to teeth that makes them fortified and helps forbid cavities

\"              orthodontist - a dr. who specializes in correcting the appearance or positions of your teeth

\"              plaque - a thin, sticky layer containing microorganism that cultivate on your teeth



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